Tuesday, 2 April 2013

How We Met - The Blind Date

 I don't think I can expect anyone to read about our wedding plans before I tell you a little bit about myself and the groom.  So without further ado, read on and find out how we met...

The Groom and I have been together for 10 years (11 years this December actually). Would you believe me if I told you we met on a blind date? Well it's true, we did. I suppose we prove that not all blind dates are hideously disastrous. The groom is often fond of telling me that when he saw me, for him it was love at first sight.  I can't deny that even after this long, knowing that makes me feel special.  I won't lie though, it took me a little while longer to love him back.  I didn't know for sure, at least not until the end of the date.

I couldn't tell I loved him just by looking at him you see.  It was something else. It was knowing him. Even from our first polite and shy conversation on that 1st date I could just tell, & I'd had A LOT of 1st dates. I just felt like I'd known him before. Like I'd always known him. The ease with which our conversation could flow. The way we could sit in comfortable silence from the very 1st day. I don't think it is supposed to be that easy, but it was. That 1st date started at 11am on the 7th of December 2002. It didn't finish until 2am on the 8th of December.

The plan had been to meet, go bowling and then to lunch. A nice, innocent 1st date. Designed by me to be simple, & easy to make a quick getaway in the event that things went badly. I'd escape after lunch and still have the afternoon free to go shopping. Can you tell I wasn't expecting great things?  Although by lunchtime we weren't done. We were having fun. We were bonding, we were enthralled. We went for drinks too. Then dinner. Then to watch some football (he was meant to be playing as he hadn't expected the date to go on so long or go so well either).

Then he drove me home. It was about 10pm. We pulled up outside my house and we couldn't stop talking. So we sat in his car, in the dark. Just talking, and holding hands.  We talked of everything and nothing, of bad things and good.  I felt the world shift as if something had suddenly slipped into place.  I suppose that is when I knew for sure.  I just knew that no matter how much time I spent with this man I would never tire of him. It was more than attraction, or compatibility. It just WAS. Finally, shyly and gently he touched my hair and we kissed.  Gentle and tender and deep. We had been in the car for 4 hours, and we could have stayed there forever...Reluctantly though, we called it a night, but that was only the beginning...

 Next time on the blog: What happened next....

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